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Esport Västerås

In 2019 Bright Esports started as a local e-sport club in Västerås, Sweden. At that time, we focused on the soccer title FIFA. In 2020 we expanded into eracing and the simulator iRacing. During the last year we have not missed one race in Svenska Eracingligan, an enascar Swedish competition broadcasted by ESEN studios. Up until today we have had 2 drivers in the team.

With this said we can’t hold down anymore, we are today announcing that it is now official that we make an merge with the Swedish eracing team Team x-gamer. This means we go from 2 drivers into 10, we are going from only racing Oval and nascar into the big road scene with GT3 cars, LPM2s, SM, Next Gen series, endurance races and so much more. With this we are also expanding into more live content, videos and events.  

We are still in the middle of the season with 3 races left of Svenska Eracingligan and we will of course still compete as different teams until season is over. For the rest of the competitions and new series we will now be 10 drivers under the Bright Esports umbrella.

This move shows that we are on the path to create and become a well-known Swedish e-sport organisation with racing exposure globally.

Team x-gamer have during the last season grown from 2 drivers into 5 established drivers. The recent addon from Team Simpact Racing showed good progress and from now we can only do great things together.

From today and forward we will release more information on races, competitions and events we will take part in so don’t forget to follow us on our social channels.  

A big thank you to Andreas Håkansson and the whole Team x-gamer team together with our head design Jonas from Trashcar Customs.

Marcus Strömberg
Bright Esports