Final preparation for Majors24

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Finally the day before our first endurance race has come. We have done our qualification and are doing the last preparation for tomorrow.

Last setup made

Around 5pm Swedish time Bright Esports will for the first time head out with the LMP2 on its first of many endurance races. In total we will be driving around 7 hours where at least 3 hours will be during the night in the darkness of Le Mans.

We will try to stream during the 24hours and will make sure to cover all the members of the team. You could already now schedule some time in the calendar and follow us on

Test stream

The race starts around 2pm CET and our first time on the track will be around 5PM. Then we will have a break and come back at 2AM during the night. Just when the sun comes up on Le Mans we will head out again just before 6AM and then we will have the luxury to drive a clean car over the finish around 2PM

See you all tomorrow 👏👏