Michigan and new simrig from Swedish Rig Designs!

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Last lap at Michigan

Last week we raced at Michigan for 100 laps. We had two cars in the main race and started in the far back. We had a P37 and P42. It turned out to be a wreck party and our #183 made it through the first 2 hours clean meanwhile car #64 again had some heavy damaged around lap 10. In the end we managed to finish P27 and P29. Jonas in his #183 was totally smashed at the final lap and lost two positions but all in all we are in reach of the top 10 of the team competition.

Final lap

Now to the fun update. Finally we have started with our first ever simrig and we are happy that our rig have arrived from Swedish Rig Designs. We are not in any way sponsored but can say so for in terms of pre-purchase we are super happy.

New spot in the garage

We have now cleaned out the spot in the garage where the rig will be built. We have never seen so many bolts and profiles but hope we will be ready before the race Thursday at Bristol dirt.

A lot of bolts and profiles

This is how far we came today and we will shortly update you with the full rig build.


You can look at Swedish Rig Design for ideas.


Have a great week out there and drive safe!