”Monster Mile at Dover”

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P2 at qualification race

So, let’s turn the clock back 2 weeks. That is the time when we received are first ever DD wheel base, will not do a review but I can say we are supper happy with it.

Virtual Racing School PRO wheel base

Turn back the clock 1 week for the Race at “The Glen” and we just 5 minutes before the race finally got the extender for being able to use the paddles fixed. That was not the best preparation and I crashed during the formation lap…… yes you read correct!

Custom made extender

Before the race at Dover we where fortune enough to schedule a 2h training session with Virtual Racing School driver Bobby Zalenski. That was extremely valuable and we learned a lot especially around tire saving.

Qualification race

I had a top 15 training lap time but I missed the qualification laps a bit and ended P27 of the qualification. This means you need to race 10 lap for the rest of the spots 27-43. I started P2 and ended P2 after Stefan from No Emission Motorsports.

Start of the qualification race

This means I started P27 in the main race. I had one strategy, survive and do as many laps as possible on the 4sets of tires available. That turned out to be a great strategy. After 100 laps I pitted for the first time. In total there where 14 cautions but we had some nice runs at 20-30 laps in a row.

P8 at main race

On lap 158 out of the 180 I had the P8 with a fresh car, I felt confident and was really pushing for a top 10. Then on around 15 laps left I went up in a situation where I had one car on top of me and one just below be so we went into turn 3-4 three wide. We managed the turn but after the curve the car on my left turned all the way up to the far right turning the car that just passed me on the top. The wreck was a fact and I got plenty of steering problems.

Picture by Daniel Sollo, main race!

Coming out of the pits and where finally driving over the finish line on a P16. Even I knew a had a Top 10 within reach We are super happy with the preparation before the race. Also P16 is the best result since the P6 at Chicagoland during the Cooler Master Winter cup earlier this year.

Instagram brightesports

We jumped some spots and are now on P29 in the season 2 of Svenska Eracingligan. Next week there is a 100 lap race at Michigan and we have already started the preparation.

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