Richmond Raceway

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Last Thursday we headed to Richmond for a 200 laps race. We where 37 cars registered and the qualification ended with one car in the heat race. Marcus in his #64 camaro started in pole. On the start Marcus took the lead with several meters. The first restart after a early caution also went good with several meters in front of the second car. On the last restart we still had pole but we managed to loose the car and ended P3.

For the main race we expected to get plenty of yellows and for the first 41 laps we had 6 cautions. Here something happened and suddenly we had no more cautions meaning 2 green pit stops. Jonas in his #183 crossed the checkered in P18 and Marcus at P26.

Marcus ended the race with 50 laps left with a broken engine. He also got a flat tire and did not avoid the early cautions.

As a team we are still in P6 but Marcus lost some ground and are now in P10 in the drivers championship.

Only one race left, 250 laps as Charlotte Motor speedway. 16th or December.