Season finale at Charlotte Motor Speedway

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It’s finally here, the season final of Svenska Eracingligan. We have Marcus in his #64 fighting for a top 10 in the drivers championship and the team holds a P6 with the only race left of the season. Jonas is fighting for a top 20 and doing a great season.

Charlotte Motor Speedway Is located in North Carolina and we will run the 2.4km long track for 250 laps.

The team competition is close, there are 5 teams competing for the P5 to P9 with less then 100 points difference. Every lap, second and caution will count and we are as prepared we can be.

The race will be live hosted by Svensk Eracing on Twitch but also live streamed from the garage of Marcus. 16th of December at 8.35 PM CET(Central European Time)