This is our racing simulatior / Part 2 – The rig

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Hi all,

For around 1 month ago we wrote a post on our computer we have for the main racing-simulator we have here at Bright Esports. Here comes the follow up on all the equipment we have for racing. This is in no way sponsored and this is our amateur review and version. We all have our own values and thoughts on this.

Let’s start with the rig, we are driving an aluminium rig from Swedish Rigs Design. We are very much happy, and we use the single monitor solution attached on the main framework. On top of this we use a top screen and a mouse arm. We love the solution, and it is extremely stable. 

As the racing seat we race in a Mirco RS7 purchased from , this is an extremely steady and comfortable chair. Only thing is if you are a bit bigger then average it could be a bit tight, make sure you check the size of the chair before doing a purchase. It is attached to the rig with regular Sparco seat glider. You can easy race 8 hours during a 24h race without getting a hurt back.

So coming to the most fun part, when we started a bit more then a year ago we started out as most of you with the Logitech G29. We liked that but we wanted to take the next step.
We went for the Virtual Racing school VRS PRO wheelbase and we don’t regret that one second. This is an extremely well made base, it has extremely good force feedback together with a software that it easy to use. Yes it could be a bit better when looking at the UX design of it but the community in VRS is fantastic for settings. We bought it directly from Virtual racing School site in Europe.

 We use two wheels, one NASCAR wheel from Fanatec and one wheel from Turn Racing. We love both wheels and they are easy to change.

As a button plate we use an extremely well designed plate from Ascher Racing, purchased from Germany site.
The button plate works well but the padels is not optimal for the deep NASCAR wheel. It works but not optimal. For the Turn racing wheel it is fantastic.

For the pedals we use the Fanatec V3 system and it works great, the brake is hard and you can really work with how much you brake and not. We have not tested any more expensive pedals but we can recommend this to anyone.

What more do we have then, we use a LCD screen from KGL Creation and a LCD Led flag module from 3D SIM GEAR. Both works great with the simhub software and was easy to install.

As streaming equipment, we use the Elgato wave 1 mic. The mic is attached on an Elgato wall mount on a Large arm. On the mic we use both the shock mount and the pop filter. When all this is attached the mic is to heavy for the arm so we need to use a LOL Vii figure to hold it up 😊
The sound is great and it works good so no regrets here.

For picture we use a Logitech Brio 4K and an old Iphone 9 we don’t use as a phone any more. The phone is attached to a Elgato wall mount, and the Logitech stands on a camera stand.

As headphones we use Bose quitecomfort II, works great but we connect them via cabel into the wave mic. The Bluetooth works but is very instable so would not recommend anyone to use that when racing.

We almost forgot, we use two 27 curved screens from mission, we are shortly planning for a Samsung G9 but haven’t taken that decision yet.

We race at iRacing software for 100% now and love the game. We use the built-in spotter pack. We have Virtual Racing School installed which helps us to analyse the racing times in an easy way for an amateur. On top of this we use Racinglabs for overlays for streamlabs.

I think this was everything we use. Thanks for reading and let us know if you have any questions on this. Just ask a question on Instagram or Facebook.