Update on simrig and a way to support Bright Esports

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Update on simrig

Finally we can start to see the result of the project around the new simrig.

This is just the start of what we believe will be one off many rigs we will build for our future members.

To be able to build an esports club we need a foundation to stand on so we have created some easy ways of supporting our journey.

Below links are some ways you could contribute so Bright Esports can grow and get a esport facility here in Västerås, Sweden.

This is a link for simply donating money

If you want to sign up for iRacing use this link and we will get some in game money.


If your into YouTube or want to understand and use better search words to get more traffic you should sign up for TubeBuddy below.


Most of all we need help to grow our Instagram and Facebook pages so please hit a like or follow on our social media links in the bottom of this text.

Thank you all

/Marcus Co-Founder of Bright Esports